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University is over for the year now, whoo! I'm so glad that it is because I don't think that I could have taken another week of it /sobs. The last three months have been pretty brutal that I have no idea how I even survived them tbh. The beginning of September had my Grandma in hospital for 3 weeks before she was released and needed 10 weeks of recovery (she'll never be 100% either). I've been taking care of her around my essays and assignments and doing whatever she needed to get done. So between that, assignments, having to pay all the bills, go to classes, do the shopping, bins, cleaning, and trying to find ways not to go insane... I'm a little burnt out.

On top of all of that my uncle passed away around two weeks ago - during my last week of classes. I knew it was coming, but it all happened so suddenly that it was a bit of a shock. It was pretty upsetting since he was such an honestly great and kind guy and one of the few relatives that I liked. The week after the funeral, and with three major assignments left I also got bronchitis again. That was not fun at all and was a horrible experience since I ended up being feverish for five or six days. It got so bad one night that I woke up after two hours and was actually delusional. I kept seeing people in my bedroom even though I was awake and knew that there was no one there. Have to admit that it freaked me out a little, but after 15 or 20 minutes I managed to convince myself to ignore them and try and get some sleep. I'm mostly recovered now, but I can't do too much physically or else my lungs remind me of what I had last week.

What else? I'm off to see my parents again for the Summer/Christmas break. This time next week I'll be a little over halfway through my trip and about 2.5 hours out of LA. I feel as though there's not enough time to get everything ready, and not only that, I'm more than a little anxious in going through immigration after the last time. Hopefully there won't be any problems :<

On the RP side of things I'm definitely glad to have more time to get back into my game! I'm excited for the few things coming up. The most exciting thing would be Yuuri's return! OMG it's going to be exciting! While it's been great doing his plot over the last three months and getting fantastic CR with Kanda, I've also missed RPing Yuuri off of Sara and everyone else in the game. Sephiroth's currently going through some 'technical difficulties' with Cloud - that's not surprising with all things considered, but I believe that they've got enough CR between them now for them to work through it all.

Sohki, on the other hand... omg someone needs to stop that troll. I love playing him so damn much ♥ He was such a spur of the moment muse to pick up, and I'm so glad that I did! I've never had a muse quite like him :D

Anyway! I better get back to work. Gott'a finish some work for soul_campaign before webcaming with my parents tonight.

One last note before I go... but I do think that this journal is in need of a new set of icons. There's a part of me that wants to leave behind the person who required most of the set that I had before. In some ways I feel as though I've evolved since then.
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Gimme more time! /makes hand grabby motions

There's seriously less and less of it lately ;;

Things have been getting stupidly busy lately, and have been since the beginning of September. All I can say is that I'm glad that month is all over and done with!


I need to clear out my inbox of tags. There's only 6 left, so no sweat-right? /dies

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So I suck at keeping things updated here =|

I've been busy with assignments and RPing in general that I'm too mentally exhausted to consider posting here. Not that I ever really come up with anything relevant >_>;;;

Anyway! Just wanted to post today saying that I suck o/ Whoo! Glad I admitted to that /sighs as shoulders sag in defeat.

And I should probably start watching Prince of Tennis again.

That is all.
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Junjou Romantica - Suzuki-san


So! AVCon officially started tonight, and gummical zuish and I are relatively ready to for it \o

Granted... I've also been not-so-guilt-tripped into going in cosplay. There was no time to make one of my own (more like no money after all of my trips), so I had no other option but to reuse one of my old ones from a few years ago. So yes... I'll be heading to AVCon again as a Jolteon.

I guess it's lucky that this years theme is based on the forest? =\
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The End

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So... first off... I find this tv commercial absolutely hilarious:

Second of all... I've been watching this all day long:

I am so damn excited for Starcraft 2's release it's not even funny... but watching this trailer made me want it all the more... less than a week now, and twelve years of waiting will be over /keeps telling herself this.

ANYWAY! Getting onto the true topic of this post.

The Room

I've now seen that movie twice - the second time two weeks after the first. I'm not sure how much of my intelligence I have left, with all things considered, especially since I want to go back and watch the damn movie again. I'm not going to lie, it is a terrible movie, but it's so bad that it's good!

The first time I saw it was with a less than half-filled cinema. I had no idea what the hell to expect outside of what the program to The Room told me: 'Yell this here', 'Throw spoons at this!', "Say hello to this character!' and so on and so on. Everyone else in the cinema except for those I went with knew what and when to yell things out, and as soon as the movie started, the spoons went flying in cheer towards the screen while everyone in the cinema started cheering-- a cheering that got louder as Tommy Wiseau's name appeared on the screen about fifty billion times... alike so:

It was totally worth seeing even if it took me half of that horrible movie to get into the full swing of things. The acting was terrible, the plot holes like swiss cheese, and everything else that just made it so uniquely horrifying did so in a way that made it all the more memorable in that wonderful way. And now I want more... MORE I SAYS!

So, like the now obsessed fans that we are, we went back to see it two weeks after. The second time was with an almost filled cinema, and homg that was so much better. Is it bad that I now want to continue to see that movie as often as possible? Luckily that cinema brought it back because of popular demand, so I'll have to keep an eye on it to make sure it's still out when I wanna go and see it again.

I have been ruined... I have been... Room'a'fied T___T

All I find myself thinking about is when I can go see it again and who I can drag with me this time =|


I love that movie so much ♥
Burning Forever Friends

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Before I start... yes... I am actually halfway through writing my 'The Room' response, but I had to just post this because it irritates me >_>

What I hate, is seeing the icons I personally make for a character journal being used by someone else =_=;; It wouldn't be so bad if I'd posted them at a community saying that they're up for grabs... and granted, I probably should say the whole 'don't steal' thing in regards to my icons but seriously, who listens to that I guess?, and granted, I shouldn't feel so irritated by knowing that another player has taken some of my icons since they're credited to me...

...but I do.

Call me possessive over them or whatever, but the thought kind of annoys me =| Not to mention makes me sound a little pathetic since I found out while looking at RP!S and knew instantly that the top icon was one made be me >____>;;;

I guess I should feel flattered that someone would even want to take them, but I can't They even stole my deadpan expression icon T_____T

Anyway! I've got soup to make and I better get it started otherwise it will start overlapping with the dinner I'm making tonight.
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White Collar - Neil Smug Smirk

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I know Yukeh that I said I was going to bed... but I have to just fangirl over one tiiiiiiiny little thing in regards to the reopened Starcraft 2 beta:

/clears throat.


vassalry I swear that I'm going to write a post about my experiences with The Room - and with photos as well! I'll do it for my next post >.>

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I've come to the conclusion tonight that I'm fucked up. Like, seriously messed up in ways that make me feel nothing but ashamed of myself.

All of the evidence seems to be pointing that way so what's the point in denying what's true?

I acknowledge this fact about myself, and I'll just take this moment to apologise to those who have had to put up with me.

So... I'm sorry about everything.

None of you will have to worry about that any further :)
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Do you ever feel like you're losing something important to you? Like, it doesn't matter what you do or how much you try to hold onto it, that something important still slips through your fingers?

Yeah... That's how I've been feeling for the last year now... but now, it only seems like the feeling's getting worse.
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